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Merchant Cash Advance

Obtain funds for your business and simple. With our fast registration process, you will get additional financing quickly. Our process is divided into 4 stages: Apply, Qualify, Offer and Fund.

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

We want to help you with all your funding needs! Apply below.

Apply Now

Apply Now

School Application

You or a finance specialist in your organization complete a 1-page business finance form and submit it to our underwriting team along with company bank statements for the last three months


Receiving your new Towns Lending financing can take 24 hours or less! We will work with you to make sure that happens. As long as everything goes well in the application and qualification phases.

Financial Advisor

Our team will review the information you provide. We make it available, we can send you offers in cash within hours. We will guide you through the offerings and ensure you choose the best one to meet your business needs.

Businessman on Laptop

Daily or weekly payment is debited from your account in just a few months or up to 18 months. Everything will be in the Contract.

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