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Identity Theft - Think that you are safe?

We live in an information-oriented society. Technology allows us to do business and make transactions literally in a matter of seconds. This abundance of information has given rise to a new crime - identity theft.

In fact, according to a 2021 release from the Federal Trade Commission, approximately 9 million people have fallen prey to identity theft every year. Each year that number climbs higher and higher.

So what does that mean? Someone has stolen your credit card ñ your credit card company can help you with that, right? Well, according to the FTC, almost 60% of identity theft issues don't pertain to your existing credit card accounts. Identity theft can occur as a result of new lines of credit being opened in your name either through credit cards or bank loans, as well as phone/utility fraud and even employment related fraud. Because we are susceptible through so many avenues in our daily life, we are all at risk.

What can you do? Where would you turn if you found yourself in this situation? Would you know where to start to clear your name? Well, now you don't have to worry about what to do as we have the answer.


What does this benefit provide our members?

The Identity IQ gives you easy access to the resources you need to understand your credit ratings and to fight back if an identity thief threatens your financial standing. This benefit is designed to alert you to suspicious account activity, and to restore any resulting damage to your credit history.

1. Credit Report

Make sure your financial records are accurate.

Your credit standing is one of your most important financial assets. It not only affects your ability to get credit, it often dictates the interest rate at which you can borrow. It can also affect your ability to purchase insurance or to find employment. Some insurance companies and prospective employers use your credit rating to gauge your sense of responsibility.

Experts recommend you review your credit report regularly. The Identity IQ makes it easy. .

Personal Credit Score and Analysis

Know your credit score . . . and how it affects your ability to borrow.

Your credit score is derived from the information in your credit report. This score is used by lenders to determine your creditworthiness. The higher the number, the better your chance of being approved for the credit you want.

A detailed analysis of your Personal Credit Score will be included with your Credit Report. You can use this analysis to evaluate your current credit standing.

2. Continuous Credit Monitoring

Learn of suspicious activity before your credit is ruined.

A professional thief can assume your identity in just a few hours. But it can take years for you to repair your credit standing. Early detection is key to minimizing the damage caused by thieves who steal you name.

With your Identity IQ membership, your credit files will be monitored daily. Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection. You'll receive prompt notice if any new accounts are opened in your name . . . or if negative notations are added to your credit report.

3. ID Theft Insurance and reimbursement up to $1,000,000

Did you know, that on average, $1,200 in out-of-pocket expenses to clear their names?

IDENTITY IQ, the cost of combating identity theft is much less. TRY IT OUT FOR ONLY $1, IDENTITY IQ members have the added security of knowing they have someone to fight the battle for them. And the best thing is, this monthly fee provides benefits to you, the member, and your spouse.

Reports on identity theft are everywhere - television, newspapers, magazines, talk shows, etc. Now that you know this benefit is available, doesn't it make sense to have this sort of coverage? Imagine the peace of mind you would have

knowing you and your spouse would have access to all of these services if you found yourself to be an identity theft statistic?

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